Gilles Vaton Gilles Vaton
55 years old

After having worked in prestigious cabinets, Gilles Vaton opened his own offices in Marseilles in 1979. As a pioneer in naval architecture and marine engineering, he quickly obtained international fame thanks to his expertise and innovative solutions. He has created a host of maxi cruise yachts and prestigious regatta units, and is today the architect of the Nahema range, which is a consolidation of his numerous talents.

Nicolas Daher Nicolas Daher
51 years old,

Manager of a multi-national subsidiary, our general manager places his talent and versatility at the service of Nahema. An accomplished sailor, who entered the Quarter Tonner World Championships in the late 70’s as well as major single-hulled and catamaran races. Our general manager is in his element at sea.

Pierre Lacagne Pierre Lacagne
47 years old,

A businessman and marketing executive who has traveled the world of communication, mass retail and high technology medical industry. His passion for sailing led to his participation in high level regatta on a wide range of boats from "The Star" to "Mumm 30" or "One Off".

Stéphane Della Stéphane Della
44 years old,
Technical Manager

Expert in shipbuilding, Shore Team manager for Alinghi for the 2003 America’s Cup, and our technical manager for the upcoming 2007 America’s Cup Class Areva. With his experience in ship building – whether for pleasure or for competition – our technical manager is an accomplished technician and will be the principal customer interface with the boatyard and design team for the duration of the project.